Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is the kind of cancer that affects the skin. It particularly is classified as the basal cell carcinoma that has translucent to fleshy color, tiny blood vessels on the surface, the squamous cell carcinoma that has red, crusted, scaly surface, and the malignant melanoma which has an appearance of asymmetrical area, irregular border, and varied color. Other signs of skin cancer also include skin ulcers, skin discoloration, and changes or enlargement of already existing moles.

Skin care prevention can be done in a variety of ways. One of the most common things to do is to use a sunscreen having a SPF 15 or higher especially when going outdoors. It is important to refrain from doing some tanning sessions so as to prevent any burning on the skin. Make certain to look for a shade between the hours when the rays are at its strongest and the heat is at its hottest. Wearing some protective clothing can be helpful when going out. When likely for skin to be exposed to extreme temperatures, take precautions when going to and near these areas. Having a healthy diet can also be considered especially taking vitamin D supplement. Smoking tobacco is also considered to have played role in contributing to the risk of getting skin cancer so make sure to avoid this.

Early detection is always one of the best ways in managing skin cancer. It is important to do self-examination on the skin from head-to-toe once on each month. Inspect the skin paying particular attention to the head, scalp, and face. Do assessment on the hands and nails, elbows, arms, torso, underarms, and neck. In addition, assess the legs, soles, heels, and toes. Moreover, be certain to examine the genitals as well. For parents having family history of cancer and who have children, it is essential that they seek medical consultation to the child’s pediatrician especially when the child is at high risk of developing skin cancer. This can be done at least once each year so that both the parents and the child can be guided accordingly as to the best preventive measures that can be done.

Attending health and wellness classes can also be beneficial to other people as this can aid in delivering informative details regarding skin cancer prevention. Through education, the people will become aware of the different risks, preventive measures, and management in dealing skin cancer. There are also a lot of resources which can be found over the internet at various websites that one can take advantage of such as those found at the Mayo Clinic. The different tips can be considered and implemented the best way possible in order to achieve the best protection for the skin.

Skin cancer prevention is an ongoing process as it can come at any age even as the age advances. It is always vital to take necessary actions in doing some skin protection because no one can tell as to when the skin becomes damaged. It is never wrong to start doing skin assessment as early as possible because this is be the best way to avoid having cancerous skin.

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