Eating Red Meat Could Increase Your Risk of Cancer

pork-chopsCancer refers to the group of diseases that involves the cell growth abnormality which has the possibility of invading or spreading to other areas of the body. It is otherwise known as malignant tumor. When a person is said to be at risk for cancer, it means that the person has chances of developing cancer or will be having recurrence following the cancer treatment.

There are a lot of risk factors that lead to various kinds of cancer. Eating red meat has been considered to be one of the risks to develop cancer. Indeed, there have been so many debates regarding its effect towards the health of the person. Red meat pertains to a wide selection of foods which include the pork, beef, or lambs. The foods among these are steaks, roast lamb, hamburgers, and pork chops. Processed meats are as well part of the risks and these are the meats with preservatives made by means of salting, smoking, curing, or adding of preservatives. Examples of processed meats are ham, pastrami, bacon, salami, sausages, and hotdogs.

Studies have shown that red meats are one of the causative factors for colorectal cancer. This kind of meats contain substances like the heme iron, which is responsible for giving the red meat its color, can cause damages to the colon lining. Bowel and stomach cancer may also develop when there is increased consumption of processed red meats. Preserved meats contain substances, like the nitrate and nitrite, which are carcinogens that can lead to damages to the cells in the body and leads to cancer development. The way the red meat is cooked is a causative factor as well like for the cancer-causing byproducts which are made by means of cooking the red meat in high temperature.

In the recent studies, eating so much red meat, especially during the younger years of the women, may increase the risk to develop breast cancer earlier. Women eating 1.5 servings of red meat per day could have twenty-two percent higher risks to develop breast cancer compared to other women who are just having one serving per day. For every additional serving of red meat per day, there is likely to have increased risk of breast cancer development.

Moreover, other studies are showing that individuals eating so much red meat have the possibilities of eating less plant-based foods. This means that these individuals have lesser benefits with regards to cancer-protective properties. The studies were thought to be observational which means that there are still a lot of factors needed to be considered with regards to the risks of having cancer and these include the age, lifestyle, diet or nutrition, and exposure to work. There are some researchers who have pointed out that the consumption of red meat is an adjunct to the person’s kind of lifestyle which predisposes himself to develop cancer.

Research is an ongoing process and the different factors that could lead to the development of cancer are being studied further. A lot of researchers are suggesting that replacement for red meat such as poultry, fish, legumes, and nuts may be considered to lessen the risk of developing cancer.

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