Breast Cancer Prevention

One of the cancers that many women encounter is breast cancer. A lot of women at middle-aged group are affected and its risk becomes higher as the age advances. Various risk factors may lead to breast cancer and these include the age, race, childbearing history, lifestyle, and family history.

The best way to prevent breast cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle. As early as possible when you already have a menarche, do a self-breast examination every 7th day from the start of your menses. This can be done by using the finger pads in moving your entire breast in a circular pattern from the outer armpit to the center of the breast with light, firm pressure. This will help in the early detection of any contour changes, swelling, skin dimpling, and nipple changes.

With early detection comes with early management. As part of the healthy lifestyle, make certain to avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking. These two are regarded to have increased the risk of developing breast cancer. Though eating a healthy diet may only slow in the reduction of the risk, it is still best to eat nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables in order to avoid getting other forms of cancer.

Weight also plays a role in having breast cancer. It is important to control your weight as obesity increases the risk especially after the menopausal stage. One way to have an ideal body weight is to become physically active. Not only it prevents obesity but prevents having cancer as well. Make certain in becoming active by doing some moderate exercises at least three times a week. Childbearing-aged mothers can prevent breast cancer by breastfeeding the babies for at least one year to have greater effect in protection. As women reach the age of 40, mammogram examination can be done on annual basis. This is also another screening test in detecting breast cancer.

Breast cancer prevention can be advantageous to each and every individual through health education. In this way, a lot of people especially women can become aware and knowledgeable on the different kinds of risk factors, preventive measures, and management of breast cancer. Health teaching is the best way in reaching out to people and sharing to them informative details regarding breast cancer. With the variety of risk factors that one will become knowledgeable of, it is never too wrong not to stop there.

Continued education will always serve best and with the advanced technology of today, one can already access the internet to do some personal research on breast cancer prevention. Over the net are available many informative articles that one can consider reading to learn from it. Different options are being offered to the people in order to make sure that preventive actions can be done the earliest possible time. Breast cancer can be fought with healthy lifestyle, good family support, right management, and patience in dealing with the whole course of the disease. Be mindful of becoming open-minded in taking considerations as to the various cancer preventive measures that are being offered.

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